Beer Bloggers Unite!

January 10, 2007

You love beer. You love it enough to try all sorts of beers, review them, and pass this info on to others. You are such a giver!

But not you’re not reaching enough people! More must know how much joy a Samuel Smith’s brew or a rare barleywine can bring a person! With that in mind, I am putting out this call to action: Beer Bloggers Unite!

 I say we all start a blogroll titled Beer Bloggers Unite, and list the various Beer Bloggers out to help us get our message out. Let’s come together for the good of the common man, and unite against those who would try to keep us down in the interest of padding their wallets selling bad beer!

 If you have a blog about beer, email me at thebeersnob@gmail.com. I’ll create a Beer Bloggers Unite blogroll for my blog and add you to it.

Thank you, and may your ales be amazing, your stouts be savory, and your porters be positively tremendous!


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