Welcome to The Beer Snob

January 10, 2007

Hello, and welcome to The Beer Snob. I am your Beer Snob, Scott. I first discovered a love for beer (other than the major American brands) around 2002, when I started experimenting with different brands found at the local liquor store. I was astounded at the variety available, and decided then and there to try them all.

Thanks in part to guidance from my good friend, who I will call Mobelly (you have to know him to know where that name came from), I became a self-designated beer snob, eschewing the every day, big name American beers in favor of the microbrews and international brews.

I haven’t tried every beer locally available as of yet, but I have sampled a great number of them. Unfortunately I only have tasting notes for a few of them. So, for your benefit, I will have to try them all again. Just look at what I am willing to do for you!

So sit back, preferably with a good brew, and put your feet up. I’m doing the dirty work for you. I will offer tasting notes for the various beers I try, and will also try to offer lots of other beer-related information for your perusal as you savor that stout, appreciate that ale, ponder that porter, or love that lager.

 Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your stay.



  1. This is where I should have put my first comment. Here I’ll start your site off with something fun, this was told to me by a friend who was a professor at Cornell University, he was also a crazy south-african, good times. So here goes,

    “How is american beer like sex in a canoe?

    Its fuckin’ close to water!”

    Yeah thats right. Hope you don’t mind the obscenity, its the only beer joke I know.
    Its even better when its a drunken south-african telling it, which sounds like a drunken englishmen but with some spirit.
    Obviously this was in reference to the major manufacturers.

  2. haha nice….exactly the way I feel, it’s definitely close to water 😀

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