Beer Review: Rogue Oregon Golden Ale

January 11, 2007

As I mentioned in my review of Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar, Rogue tends to do their beers big or not at all. I think this is the exception that proves the rule.

Well, I’m still giving them chances, but this time I was not that thrilled.

Here is some of what the packaging says about this beer:

Deep Golden in color with a rich malty aroma. Delicately smooth and crisp flavor with an herbal finish.

7 Ingredients: Northwest Harrington, Klages & Maier Munic Malts; Cascade and Willamette Hops, Free Range Coastal Waters & Top Fermenting Pacman Yeast.

Here’s what I say:
This beer does pour to a deep golden color, as promised on the packaging. It poured cloudy and was almost a rust color. There was little head on the pour, and it didn’t last.

I poured this into my glass and set the glass down to examine the color and clarity. Before I could pick it up to give it a sniff and a whirl, I smelled malt wafting across to me.

On the nose, I again picked up on the malt, which almost overpowered the caramel. Overall it smelled like it was going to be one sweet beer, which that night suited me fine.

It was light bodied and on my first sip, before swallowing, I thought this was one sweet malty beer….very nice. After swallowing, the hops kicked in and bittered it up. I enjoyed this transition….it made the beer more balanced and kept it from being cloyingly sweet. The hops tasted floral with a subtle hint of spiciness to them.

So this was a fine beer, but it gave me nothing to make me a return buyer. It was a decent beer and very drinkable, but nothing stood out as exceptional to me.

I drank this accompanied by a spicy chicken dish, and it was a good dinner companion, but I’ve had better.

Recommended: Meh….it’s a decent beer, why not
Price: I paid $8.99 for a six-pack
ABV: not sure?


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