New review coming soon

January 12, 2007

Update: Haven’t yet decided what to sample, but will be running out to purchase it soon. I’ll post another update when I’ve purchased it so you’re not in suspense, but it will be this evening before I get a chance to try it and review it. Thanks for your patience!

I’m sitting here thinking about what beer I’d like to review next. I could go to one of my favorites, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. An excellent beer I’m always happy to try. Or I could go with one of Young’s other excellent brews.

 Maybe a Samuel Smith’s beer? The Taddy Porter and the Nut Brown Ale are both excellent.

Maybe I should do a summery ale, like an IPA or maybe an ESB? Might be a good change of pace. Or I could look for one of the beers mentioned in the comments people have left.

 One beer you probably won’t see me review here would be Guiness. I think it’s basically overrated and just does absolutely nothing for me.

 Any beers you’d like to see reviewed? Comment and let me know

Until then…..cheers!



  1. What region are you in? That makes a difference in what you can/will review.

  2. I am in Middle Tennessee….Nashville area to be exact

  3. You’re screwed then. Get the Young’s Double Choco.

  4. haha there’s actually a lot of decent stuff available around here….there’s a lot that’s NOT available, but… 🙂

  5. Would be cool to hear about some beers from the South. What’s it like there as far as craft brewers and decent beer bars? I’m guessing maybe Nashville or Memphis have some good places but beyond that…

    Stop by my humble blog to see my 2007 Beer-A-Day Challenge if you get a chance.

  6. well Social….there are a couple places here that brew their own beer, at least one of which is only here….the others are likely chains. They all have decent beers but I really like the one that I know is not a chain brewer: Yazoo’s. They have a nice brew called Dos Perros….supposed to be like some of the Mexican brews that hearken back to German-type beer. It’s very good.

    There are a couple I’m sure in Knoxville too but I haven’t tried any of their stuff.

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