Beer Review: Hobgoblin Imported Dark English Ale

March 26, 2007

HobgoblinAs promised, here is a new beer review. I journeyed to my favorite beer shop on the way home from work, as I had promised I would have a review posted tonight. I was looking at the cooler (they sell singles at my favorite place, Smokes and Brews in Cool Springs), and decided I would try Hoegaarden, a Belgian White someone suggested I try after I reviewed Blue Moon. I picked up this Hobgoblin brew almost as a “what the heck, why not” selection.

Since I picked this up just on a whim, I didn’t expect much. Boy was I surprised! This ale is brewed by Wychwood Brewery, which is apparently based in England. According to the bottle, I could expect it to be:

Full bodied & well balanced, with a chocolate toffee malt flavor, moderate bitterness & a disctinctive fruity character with a ruby red glow.

Sounds tasty. When I poured it, it poured a nice brown color with ruby undertones. Light shone through, so it wasn’t too dark brown. There was a nice soft, fluffy head but it left minimal lacing on the glass.

The chocolate definitely shone through in the nose, although nice maltiness was also evident. I took a sip with great expectations after inhaling its intoxicating (no pun intended) aroma, and was not disappointed.

 In the mouth, this brew was medium to full bodied. Drinking this was almost like eating a Reisen’s chew. Definitely a chewy chocolate and toffee flavor with a slightly smoky finish. The hops come through just a bit in the end, acting to give you a clean finish, only to start again on the chocolate and toffee with the next sip.

All in all, this was a great surprise of a brew! I think I would classify it as a lighter take on Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. Same chocolatey toffee chewiness but with more hop bite.

Recommended: Without question. An excellent dark ale!
Price: I paid $4.59 for a 500ml bottle….well worth it
ABV: 5.2% in bottle (5.0% on tap)



  1. Where could I find a location in the states that would carry this ale? I’m a military man stationed out in Colorado and I would love to get my hands on this and try it for myself.

  2. I’m not sure, Ben….we just happen to have it available here wherever you get good beer. You might try checking out your larger liquor stores or beer sellers

  3. You can find this at Surdyk’s Fine Liquor Store in Minneapolis, MN. Not too close to Colorado, but perhaps they ship out of state.


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