Beer Review: Blackstone Brewery Chaser Pale Ale

June 28, 2007

Blackstone BreweryBlackstone Brewery’s Chaser Pale Ale, according to the bottle, is a German-style Kolsch ale.  According to www.tastings.com:

Kolsch is an ale style emanating from Cologne in Germany. In Germany (and the European Community) the term is strictly legally limited to the beers from within the city environs of Cologne. Simply put Kolsch has the color of a pilsner with some of the fruity character of an ale. This is achieved with the use of top fermenting yeasts and pale pilsner malts. The hops are accented on the finish, which classically is dry and herbal. It is a medium to light bodied beer and delicate in style. Most examples one will encounter in the US are brewpub draft interpretations produced during the summer months, though some commercial brewers produce a summer ale in the kolsch style.

This beer fits that bill. It pours a dirty straw color. On the pour there is very little head, but what is there is quite thick and heavy and bright white. The beer has a slight cloudiness to it.

On the nose, there are floral hoppy notes with a slightly biscuity background. This is a medium-light to medium bodied beer. It’s quite smooth, with a pleasant and noticeable caramelly, doughy, bready taste. There are hints at the finish of grapefruit and it is a clean finish, slightly dry but refreshing.

All in all this is a nice pale ale. It has some hop to it without being excessively tart or dry but has some nice malt flavors too.

Recommended: Sure…a good pale ale with character
Price: I paid $7.49 for a six-pack
ABV: Unknown


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