Beer Review: Flying Dog’s Woody Creek White Belgian Style Wit Beer

June 29, 2007

wcw.jpgThis is a recently released Summer seasonal offering from Flying Dog, based out of Denver, CO. They sent me a sample bottle to try and review, so that is what I am doing.

Here is what they say on their Web site about this beer:

Woody Creek White is a traditional Belgian-style Wit Beer, brewed with unique ingredients like orange peel and coriander, resulting in a refreshing and slightly citrus flavor…

I cracked the bottle open and poured it into one of my pint glasses. It was a nice golden yellow color and was quite cloudy, showing off its unfiltered goodness. One whiff and you know you’re drinking a Belgian-style white. The wheat, citrus and spice notes in the nose bring to mind Blue Moon, just a bit.

Taking the first taste, you know you’re drinking a solid white. The citrus and spice notes are present in the mouth as well as the nose, and it’s got a good wheatiness. This brew is medium to full bodied and is almost like drinking a glass of wheat bread, but it still manages to stay crisp and clean on the finish, not thick and heavy.

That finish makes it a good Summer seasonal indeed. Overall this is a good solid witbier. I still prefer my Blue Moon, though!

Recommended: I’m not a huge witbier guy but if you like wheat in your glass, this is a good example of a Belgian style wit beer
Price: Unknown, it was a free sample
ABV: 4.7%



  1. Man,

    That is a great perk! I am a big fan of white beers. I will have to look at for that one. I bought some ZON from Boulevard and really enjoyed it, but I also like the German wheat beers.

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