Beer Review: Bluegrass Brewing Company Nut Brown Ale

August 9, 2007

bbcnut.jpgToday I come to you with a review of a beer I paid entirely too much for. Not that it’s an expensive beer….I think the place I bought it just has an overblown idea of the value of their products. The shop sold singles for $2.50 each, but you could mix and match a 6-pack for $12.50. I would have thought a prepackaged 6-pack would have been a normal price, but it was not to be. Needless to say, I won’t be returning there.

 Anyway, on to the beer. Bluegrass Brewing Company, as the name implies, is in the state of Kentucky, Louisville to be exact. According to their Web site, they are the largest microbrewery in Kentucky. I’ve been wanting to try their brews for some time and just finally got my chance.

According to the bottle, BBC’s Nut Brown Ale is an English-style brown ale. Here is some information on this beer from BBC’s underwhelming Web site:

Description: Brewed with a blend of six different malts to give a medium-full body and a nutty after taste.

Malts used – Special Pale, Munich, Aromatic, Biscuit, Caramnunich, and Chocolate

Hops used – UK Challenger and Willamette

Food Pairing – Chocolate desserts, Beef dishes, mildly spicy dishes

Here’s what I thought…

The Pour
This beer pours to a nice auburn brown color. Light can pass through relatively easily, showcasing the beautiful red undertones in the color. There is a respectable head with minimal lacing on the glass.

The Nose
There are definite coffee, chocolate and smoky nutty notes present in the nose. I wasn’t expecting the chocolate as I hadn’t looked into what kinds of malts they used. The smell is quite mouthwatering.

The Taste
This beer has a great mouthfeel. The beer is smooth and medium to full-bodied. Roasted malt and coffee flavors stand out from the beginning. This is a very smooth and easy drinking brew and a terrific example of how a nut brown ale should be done.  Midway through a bottle you notice your mouth is coated with nutty, coffee, chocolatey joy!

Overall, this is a great tasting nut brown ale! The nose and the taste combine in perfect harmony to deliver great flavors throughout. Very smooth and drinkable and great in any season.

Recommended: Without question!
Price: $12.50 for a 6-pack (should be cheaper for you…check the price 1st!)
ABV: Unknown


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