Beer Review: Schlafly Summer Kolsch Ale

August 23, 2007

schlafly.jpgSchlafly beers are made by Tom Schlafly through The Saint Louis Brewery, Inc. (Visit the Schlafly Web site.)  They’ve been incorporated since 1989 and had their grand opening in 1991.

First, here is what they say about their own beer:

Schlafly Summer Kolsch is a golden-colored, medium-bodied crisp and refreshing ale. This style, which originated in Cologne, is well balanced, mild mannered, and a perfect companion for the lazy days of summer/

Here’s what I thought:

The Pour
This poured a nice golden color, almost copper actually. The head was high and loose and somewhat long lasting. It left a decent amount of lacing on the side of the glass.

The Nose
The nose is hoppy and crisp. There are slight caramel and biscuit notes in the nose, and fruit appears as the beer warms a bit.

The Taste
They were right about this being a medium-bodied brew. It’s very smooth and very well balanced. Not too hoppy or malty…it really sits in the middle of that spectrum and just edges over to the hoppy side now and then. I didn’t taste a lot of complex and diverse flavors here, which isn’t necessarily bad. It tasted of nice hops, malt and yeast. It’s a nice beer. As it warms, caramel appears and the hops intensify just a bit, becoming a bit more aggressive on the finish (a very little bit more aggressive).

Overall this is a very well balanced beer, though as it warms it does give you a slight nudge towards hops, which is nice. Eminently drinkable and refreshing. Crisp and clean and just a good Kolsch ale.

Recommended: Yes….this is just a good solid beer that will grow on you
Price: Can’t remember exactly, somewhere around $8-$9 for a six-pack
ABV: 4.8%


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