New Stella Artois Web site

September 14, 2007

I was contacted recently by the folks at Stella Artois asking if I would like an official invitation to the preview of their new Web site, launching Sept. 18. I’ll take anything beer-related I can get my hands on, so I said yes! (Read about the coming site at their blog: http://www.stellaartoisblog.com/ It sounds like their new site is going to be a real experience, with cinematic clips (I don’t mean just video clips of, say, how they brew their beer, I mean mini movie type stuff). They have an amazing trailer on their blog as well.

I am really impressed with this whole marketing thing they’re doing. They are definitely taking things to a new level and generating a lot of buzz and excitement about their new Web site. I’ve never had a Stella Artois but I want one now and will definitely review one here soon.

A couple of days ago, I received my official invitation. I was expecting a small envelope….I was hoping for a beer sample to accompany the invitation. (A guy can wish, can’t he?) What I received was two invitations, each one in a big black mailing tube about as tall as my 3-year-old! There was a large poster inside, the official invitation, and a few of their cardboard coasters, which I was actually very happy to receive. I use a coaster like that at work for my coffee mug and the one I am using now is old and stained. At any give time it probably holds more coffee than my mug!

 So tomorrow is the official preview of the Web site. I’ll do my best to check it out, somewhere between helping my wife set up her yard sale and checking out Fred Thompson’s appearance in Lawrenceburg (Fred 08!) and let you know all about it.


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