The new Stella Artois Web site is terrific!

September 17, 2007
A still from “La Bouteille”.

I was in Lawrenceburg this weekend to attend the Fred Thompson event there, and forgot my invitation, so I didn’t have the username and password to get into the preview. Luckily for me, beer bloggers of a feather flock together and a fella over at Brew Brain was kind enough to send me the info so I could check out the site.  Thanks Brew Brain!

So I visit the Web site and log in….and am transfixed as a movie begins to play. Opening to a dark alley and a creepy atmosphere, you are taken back to 1366. I won’t tell you the story of the movie, because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but the movie basically guides you through Web site. As it plays it hits certain points where it pauses, and you can enter the Web site at that particular entry point, or you can resume the film. They call it an interactive drama, and it is titled “La Bouteille”.

If you resume the film and watch it all the way through, you can get to any of the earlier entry points as well. Each tells a bit about the process of making Stella Artois, including the gathering of the hops and the harvesting of the barley.

The cinematic way of guiding you through the site really really works well and really gets you into the Web site. There is so much more there to explore but I’ll leave that to you. I believe it will be some time before I see all there is to see there.

The Web site debuts publicly tomorrow, Tuesday September 18, 2007, so be sure to check it out!



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  3. Of course…I drink coffee every day…at least a couple cups worth

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