Beer Review: Margaritaville Brewing Co. Landshark Lager

October 19, 2007

ls-copy2.jpgI am a Parrothead. I’m an introverted Parrothead who prefers to enjoy Jimmy Buffett’s music in solitude, and who’s only been to one Buffett concert so far, but a Parrothead nonetheless. So when I heard Bubba was coming out with a beer, I was thrilled! But then I tried Landshark Lager, and realized Bubba had made a big mistaica.

To be fair, it is actually made by Anheuser-Busch, who have specialized in making beer for the taste-deprived for a long time. But Jimmy, did you try the beer before you put your name on it?

The Pour
This pours with a decent, loose head. It is a typical Anheuser-Busch beer color, a dirty straw color, resembling watered-down apple juice. The beer looks very thin and extremely light bodied.

The Nose
This smells like a standard American lager. It’s very light with vague and subtle floral hop notes. Like the color and the taste, the nose is barely there.

The Taste
Imagine drinking a good lager down to the last swallow, then filling the rest of the bottle with water. Then drinking it. You’ve just had a Landshark Lager. There is barely a hop note that appears mid-finish, but for the most part it’s like drinking sparkling water. Depth of flavor: absolutely none. So light bodied it could be anorexic.

Do not buy this beer. Sure, if you’re a Parrothead, you may want to help put more money in Bubba’s pockets in return for the years of music and fun. Do it some other way. Bubba, I’d love to buy you a couple of beers. First, a Landshark Lager, so you can see what is being sold in your name. Second, a good lager, so you can see what is possible.

Recommended: No. As Robb Zerr over at The United Nations of Beer says, “it bites!”

Price: $7.49 for a 6-pack

ABV: 4.7%

Visit the Landshark Lager Web site


  1. I can feel your pain
    Though a long-time Parrothead
    I won’t drink his beer

    Hey Beer Snob,
    You didn’t really expect it to be any other way, did you? Jimmy’s concert tours have been sponsored by Corona forever. Did you really think that Buffett’s own brand would be any more flavorful? He sings about the islands and the thick wet Caribbean heat. Unless you’re in Grenada (where they have a Guinness brewery) your beer is going to be as close to water as you can get. And don’t forget the Buffett Industrial Complex is still trying to make a buck and cold, fizzy, yellow lager is still bought by 90% of Americans, parrothead or not.

    I’ve got almost every Buffett album, but I have no plans to buy his beer.


  2. Actually Captain, I forgot to mention in the review that I knew fully what to expect from other reviews, but wanted to try it anyway, for the purposes of this blog

  3. What do you think my chances are of getting a refund for the five leftover bottles?

  4. haha slim to none….that’s why you should always check with The Beer Snob first ;-D

  5. The beer was meant to be light, refreshing, and easy drinking. If you don’t like, don’t knock it — just don’t buy it.

    • I just got done replacing the blade on my mower and changing the oil and i asked my kid if i could have one of his landshark beers, (he naturally said yes cause he’s a good kid), and i am enjoying it now. I’m no snob, i only know what i like. Sure… Englishmen and Europeans (maybe even Caijen Louisiana types) enjoy a thick heavy full bodied lager… but i don’t. Neither do lots of other people that i know.
      This is very easy drinking, not too heavy or filling.. which i like, and tasty as i like a beer to be. I love it! I’ll be buying and drinking more!!!

      • That’s what a nice, cold, Kolsch beer is for, if you’re in Texas, give St. Arnolds Lawnmower a try- light bodied, crisp, but still actually has some flavor. I’m pretty disappointed with this stuff, when I saw “island style lager” I was imagining red stripe 😦

  6. Jimmy, I won’t be buying it….but this blog is to review beers and let people know what I think….so I did.

  7. First time post, if I may.

    I first tried this beer sitting under a sweltering sun on a hot, breezy South Carolina beach and it was delicious and refreshing. The initial mouthfeel was typically subdued and light like a Corona, but where it really differentiated itself was the finish and aftertaste. No bunk-water metallics but just a nice, clean disippating fade.

    This beer is what it is: best suited as a warm climate drinker. I guess I’m not surprised when a self-proclaimed “connosueir” fails to take set and setting into consideration when making an objective evaluation, but that is something that regular, aging guys like me value greatly when selecting a beverage of choice.

    I dig your blog. No harsh criticism intended.


  8. Actually I tried this overlooking the Gulf of Mexico after being out in the sand most of the day. Set and setting were appropriate. This blog is just me trying beers and giving my opinion of them. I’m glad you dig the blog, but I understand you’ll disagree from time to time

  9. That is good to know. I haven’t tried Landshark yet, and I probably still will but I lived the review. I just found your blog because I was searching for other bloggers who are parrotheads.

    I am also a blogger, my name is Drew and I run 6 blogs. I am also running some contests this month and based upon your post I thought you might be interested in participating in my contest to win a Hawaiian shirt from Mad Gringo. If you are interested please visit http://www.wiredkayaker.com/2007/12/mad-gringo.html and enter the contest. Thanks.

  10. I’ve been a Corona fan forever, and even mention Corona in my song on my CD, “Partying at Put in Bay”.
    Went to The Den in Mansfield, Ohio and was excited to try the new Landshark beer. I liked it. Now I have to write another song!

  11. LOVE IT. Thanks Jimmy from another parrothead. I have never liked corona. Landshark is much smoother. Add a twist of lime and it can’t be beat. I think it is a southern thing. Way south like on a beach with really blue water.

  12. Great Beer… I am a corona drinker but now i have bow down to the great taste of Landshark. Add a lime and you are in heaven.

  13. […] The Beer Snob “Do not buy this beer. Sure, if you’re a Parrothead, you may want to help put more money in Bubba’s pockets in return for the years of music and fun. Do it some other way. Bubba, I’d love to buy you a couple of beers. First, a Landshark Lager, so you can see what is being sold in your name. Second, a good lager, so you can see what is possible.” […]

  14. i love this beer, not being a beer drinker though, i really enjoyed this,great

  15. As a Parrothead obviously I am a big J.B. fan, I would probably drink piss in a bottle if his name were on it.( I know, blinded by the light, what can I say?)However, I have tried “Landshark Lager” and I am a fan as well.

  16. I am a German Beer, Hefe-Weizen afficianado most of the time but it is warming up outside and I was looking for something lighter so when I saw LandShark at my local refreshment provider I didn’t know about the Buffett connection at first but liked the clear bottle because you could see what you were getting,reminded me of Corona so decided to give it a try. Happy with my choice and just got done buying another 12er!! I like Jimmy’s Music but I never buy beer because of a name. Love the taste of this though,as stated by otheres a little lime or I have found lemon gives it a good clean finish. Will buy it again!!

  17. Wow, as a rather well matured Buffett fan in every way,
    (I met him at his first Golden Bear-Huntington Beach CA show way back around ’74) I’ve always said “I’ll have whatever HE’S having, Bartenderness!”

    Still, I probably wouldn’t have actually bought this for myself as I’m a really poor ole broad.

    That said, I got 2 outta a 6-er a month ago, loved em even while listening to 2 clueless galpals say ‘euwww, Corona’s better”. They’re fools: Another beer angel stopped by my remote farm here today with another 6er of Landshark, and I’m truly savoring #4 of that batch.

    I live in the desert and consider a chilly crisp lager to be God’s Gift to Beerdrinkers, this is some damfine good beer.
    The only thing that could possibly improve my Landsharking experiences would be a little water lapping round my toes and a brand new novel by Mr. Buffett: His books Joe Merchant & A Salty Tale are my kind of Nirvana.
    Write on, Jimmy-Mon! You have many fans!

  18. I agreed that beersnob is rather harsh in his review, not to mention INACCURATE! This beer has much more flavor than a Corona and is nowhere near “sparkling water”. My beer of choice is a Barleywine but I look forward to enjoying the summer with many Landshark Lagers. I think the beersnob forgot what a lager is by definition. Party on, Parrotheads. And “Cheers!” to Jimmy who put his name on a beer that fits his life and his fans!

  19. Beer Snob and Captian Hops,

    I see you dislike the Land Shark. Fair is fair. What do you recomend for a beer (in the US) that is good to your standards. Please tell me what a good beer is so I may taste it for myself. I thought it was pretty good. Corona…..well.


    Beer Drinker

  20. I read the various comments in this blog with interest and found them to all be informative.
    I tried Landshark for the first time a few months
    ago in Key West. I know that the setting could
    mean everything, but I really liked it. I have
    been home buying Landshark in PA now (it is
    finally available here) and it is just as good now.
    I drink other beers so I will not be forsake them
    all, but count me as one that thinks Jimmy did just
    fine on this one. …/)…/)…/)…Kent

  21. I come from the land of micro brews- The great Pacific Northwest. Having many favorites that “fit” the occasion, Landshark brings some sorely needed sunshine to our very long and gray wintersprings!
    Thanks Captain!

  22. I just tried some Landshark Lager beer last night for the first time while listening to some good old Texas blues and I have to admit that going down it tasted pretty good especially with some lime. I had a total of five beers. When I woke up the next morning, I had the worst hangover I’ve ever had since downing some Far Tires about 5 years back. I’ve been a beer drinker for over 30 years and I will NEVER have another Landshark Lager again. I DON’T GET HANGOVERS FROM BEER…EVER! So I am in agreement with the Beer Snob. My analogy….ever been with a “pretty” chick at closing time and then they turn on the lights and you find yourself with a worn out broad that’s been around the block more than the law allows?…That’s Landshark Lager!!!

  23. I enjoyed this beer a lot and am saddened to hear that others give it no credit. I guess we cannot please everyone.

  24. Dear Mr. Buffet,
    Thanks for your beer! First taste-on vacation while in Florida. Since now available in Pennsylvania -it’s my favorite!!, and my friends like it too! Love your music and now can enjoy it with your beer.
    Thanks again!

  25. A Bud rep recently gave me large samples of Bud Light Lime and Landshark. (I am a big Corona fan)…

    The BLL was awful and I told him that. It’s like Bud Dry with lime – it almost evaporates off your tongue.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Land Shark. Then I read this and wondered if I just had bad taste buds.

    I’m not an aficionado – I’m a beer drinker and I enjoy Landshark. It’s different and that’s okay. (still nothing, to me, beats Corona with a lime on a hot summer day).

    Having said that – I have a question—what beers – aside from Corona and Land Shark – in this same type of beer class, does the Beer Snob recommend? I’d like to try those too…

  26. I’ve seen a few folks checking out with Land Shark.
    Very cool look.
    When I saw a young mother in Wal-Mart with a 6’er, I thought, I’ll give it a shot.
    $7.50 or so a 6 pack—at Wal-Mart…ohhh well, it’s only money.
    YIKES! Money is one thing, but this musty, nutless, bad finish afterwash SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN AWAY!
    PBR me man.
    Head for the mountains of Bush……..beer.
    Anything but, Jimmy dont jump the LandShark!

  27. First time I tried this beer was when I was in Florida in April. I LOVED IT! Then I had a Corona, and realized how much BETTER Landshark is than Corona. Corona has that dirty aftertaste, but Landshark is smooth, light, tasty and no bad aftertaste! Its my new favorite beer! A+ if you ask me!

  28. just returned from the Keys and the best part was Landshark which I tried for the first time there.

  29. Okay, so I am SO not a beer drinker, but my husband is. I’ve drank a few here and there over our 19 years being married, but eh – I’ve never found one that didnt leave a nasty aftertaste. He recently went to NC to visit his sister and came back and told me about LandShark. So – last weekend we were at the grocery store and lo-and-behold – ours had it! We bought some, I tried it and LOVED IT! That night I drank 4 of them and we ran out (only bought a 6 pack) so the next day – back to the store and stocked up with 3 – 12 packs (on sale for $11.99!). I just love this beer – I’m not a “professional beer drinker” but…for me to like ANY beer is saying something and I’ve tried alot of them, just never liked any until this one. Its even better if you stick them in the freezer for about an hour! 🙂 The colder, the better!

  30. well…beer snob?? that says alot on its own. Listen I am a Parrot head proud and true but i dont like anything just because JB does but this beer is a really good beer. I have been a Bud fan for years but after trying Land Shark at Margaritaville I found the beer of my tropical dreams. Thats what the beer is intended to do to aid you in that island feel and it does just that. Listen, I stumbled on this site while looking for a Margaritaville screne to put on my phone so heres the bottom line…Like what you want and realize that a critic only likes what he likes as well. Jimmy Buffett is a good person so dont make this about his integrity. I went to the KISS Coffee house and found some costers for 24 bucks…The same style and company made some for the Margaritaville store and they were only 8 bucks there. Parrotheads rule, JB is awesome and Land Shark is good tropical beer!!
    ……jameswlittleton yahoo com..let me hear from ya.

  31. Well, James, I don’t mean to impugn Jimmy Buffett’s integrity at all, nor do I fault him from making a buck or two with this beer. I don’t like it but by all means drink it and enjoy it! What I do here is try beers and give my honest opinion of it. You have given your honest opinion and I can appreciate that. I hope you’ll come back and read more reviews!

    The Beer Snob

  32. Thanks for the review first and foremost! I’m actually a HUGE fan of this beer. Living in Houston, the heat and Jimmys new beer go hand in hand so to speak. I love the taste and as before mentioned, it DOES NOT have that skunky Corona after taste. I like it because it’s light and crisp. I would like to see however, the price of the beer to come down a bit. I did find it at a local food market for 6.99 a six-pack. Trying to find the beer is a whole different story. Only about a quarter of the bars in Houston carry it so far. Went to an upscale sports bar a week ago and paid $5/landshark!!! YIKES!!! Anyways, thanks for your input and it’s always appreciated.

  33. Dude..I go into a local lame carry-out and this seemed like the best bet other than the other major brown bottles. This beer is umm ok, like ya lite and lite on taste. Needs a lime. What makes me PO’d is this is a AB product? I feel for this last summer with their summer brews. I thought it is just OK..if your not looking for an experience.

  34. I’m in full agreement with the snob on this one. Landshark Lager fans should also try “beers” like Evian and Dasani. Or maybe a hose? *rimshot*

  35. Nice, Jon…..I can’t believe how many comments and page views I get on this one review….good grief! This one review generally accounts for something like 25% of my daily traffic!

  36. As with any new product i try, i GOOGLE IT to see what other people think about it. pretty lame i know

    Annnyway. i respect beersnobs review. when it comes to beer i keep it pretty simple. my favorite beer is dogfish head 90 minute IPA. when i cant afford to spend ten bucks on a four pack of that i will just go for a pack of good old Sam Adams.

    BUT Corona Extra has always been my beer of choice when i have the day off and it’s 90 degrees out and i have nothing better to do than drink 12 beers in a row

    i think Landshark Lager just took over that position

    i approve

  37. I often do the same thing dana jee….google products and get reviews before I try them….not generally with beer, though, so I don’t bias myself before I try them

  38. I actually think Landshark is a really good refreshing warm weather beer.

  39. I like a good hoppy beer for summer myself

  40. It’s not listed on the site, but 21st ammendment in San Francisco has the best seasonal summer beer i’ve ever had. It’s lighter like people like in the summer, but still has a robust floral hop character. (and some light maltiness) Best “summer” beer i’ve ever had. http://www.21st-amendment.com/

  41. I LOVE imported beer over domestic any day… I tried Lank Shark one day and LOVED it.. Lite and very refreshing so I will be buying more. It dont matter who makes beer or who gets rich from it, it matters if you like it or not.. GAME ON

  42. Landshark is as superior to Corona as The United States is to Mexico. I stopped drinking Corona long ago on the recommendation of a friend who actually toured the factory while on official business in Mexico. I switched over to drinking Tecate during the hot summers in SC which for all I know is made in the same plant, but at least it comes in a can to override the bad vibe that materializes whenever I see a Corona bottle. The fact that Landshark is produced by AB is not exactly comforting since their products are made for the masses not the discriminating. Landshark, like the occassional song on a Jimmy Buffet album, is not like all of the rest. It pleasantly surprises and feels like something new. At least it is a refreshing, American beer that is actually drinkable as opposed to a sticky, Mexican beer that nearly everyone has been made to believe they should drink.

  43. i tried this beer over the july 4th weekend. i found it a great summer/bbq beer. would prefer it over corona any day. do i see myself sucking one down at the bar in february? probably not.

  44. Hey Beersnob–

    While I agree with you that Landshark is a bit lite on flavor, it definitely falls under the category of “Summer Beer” or “Beach Beer.” Nobody wants a heavy beer while wilting under the summer sun or sitting on the beach. I tried it yesterday while I bbq’d some chicken & steak, and its lite texture was a perfect combo.

    Having said that, there are probably several other beers in the same category I would call-on the next time over Landshark given another bbq!

  45. Having just returned from the beach and purchased and consumed quite a bit of Landshark while there I have to partially agree and disagree with the review. Landshark is a nice very light beer that doesn’t just sit there like Buttweiser and other typical US commercially brewed crap. I travel quite a bit into Europe, Mexico and all over North America and have tasted some very nice beers. I personally don’t care for a beer that you can smell the hops on as soon as you open the bottle. I like a beer with a nice easy finish and depending on the time of year I like varying degrees of heavy versus light.

    For sitting on the beach in NW Florida in 90+ degree weather or cooking on a lazy afternoon in Central Alabama it isn’t a bad beer. I prefer to have something that doesn’t make you believe you just had a full meal.

  46. I agree with Beer Snob here. For those of you wanting a hot weather beer, there are plenty of FAR better lagers out there. This is a poor example of the style, and is nothing more than an industrial produced product with cheap ingredients and marketing hype.

    Also, clear bottles for beer is bad bad bad. Yes, Corona and many British breweries do it, and they are destroying their beers buy doing so. Unless a retailer is storing the beer in pitch black conditions, the beer is being ruined by sitting under any type of lighting.

    Nashville Beer Geek

  47. you’re a horrible beer critic i have not yet met a person who did not like landshark lager. maybe there is something wrong with you not the beer.

  48. well, tim, I may not be the best beer critic in the world…in fact I know I’m not…but I’m not horrible either. if you like the beer, fine, drink it. my personal opinion is that it’s tasteless and weak and watered down. we all have our own tastes

  49. I like Land Shark! Its not the best beer in the world, but its light and I think it has a smoother finish than Corona. Its a good summer beer. I am not a parrot head, close though, Radio Margaritaville comes up with my home page. But this beer is a lot like Jimmy, its fun and relaxing.

  50. Hey, I”m from Maine now, but grew up in Florida and A1-A (both the highway and the album). I didn’t immediately see the buffet connection in the grocery store, but after putting on my reading glasses, saw “Margaritaville Brewing Co.” and knew it had to be Jimmy.

    This is a refreshing hot weather drink by itself, but is better with a slice of lime. I like it better than Corona, and it’s a dollar a six pack cheaper at my local store.

    In the winter (and oh-my-god that’s a long time here), I only drink the ale’s I make myself, but a rich brown ale tastes much better when sitting by the fire than when sitting in the sun on a hot day.

    This beer’s better than Corona or Bush or Bud or Miller, but I don’t think I would drink it in a pub, after dark, or in the Maine winter.

  51. Just curios, beer snob, do you personally like any lagers? Does anyone make and/or sell what is in your opinion a good lager in the U.S.?

  52. I generally am not a fan of lagers….I did have one recently that I thought was pretty good, but I can’t remember what it was. I need to do some lager reviews soon….maybe a series

  53. I LOVE landshark & I have never heard of Jimmy Bufett before. This beer is awesome goes down smooth with NO after taste and does it’s job after 2 beers. I want to know what is wrong with all of your taste buds!

  54. Peachy- we have nothing wrong with our taste buds. Us beer aficionados would like to taste SOMETHING in our beers. American Light Lager drinkers talk about beers being “smooth” and having no “aftertaste.” You mean something like water? Industrial lagers are designed to be lack body and flavor to appeal to the masses. These beers use mostly corn and rice (not malt) to lighten the body and have an ultra low hopping rate (no bitterness). Hops and Malt are the primary ingredients in good beer, and if people don’t like those ingredients- then they don’t like beer in general. If people want to try a well made lager- try Bitburger or Spaten (Germany), North Coast Scrimshaw (CA), Victory Prima Pils (PA), Anchor Steam (CA), etc. It’s perfectly fine for people to enjoy cheap beer, but I don’t understand why some people try to claim that these are great or premium quality beers. They are like Mcdonald’s hamburgers- cheap and mass produced and void of any real flavor.

  55. Well said Smitty….Peachy, it does its job after 2 beers? If you’re drinking beer to get drunk, anything will do. We drink beer to enjoy the immense diversity of beer out there and appreciate the many different styles and nuances of beer

  56. First of all, I like LandShark! I’ve been drinking beer now for 28 years. I’ve tried almost every beer known to man. They either taste like goat piss (which is what most dark lagers taste like) or they taste like crap (which is what most light beers taste like). One of the most important reasons that I like LandShark, is that it doesn’t upset my stomach. I think every other beer I’ve ever tried, upset my stomach in one way or the other. The only other beer besides LandShark that I like, is Michelobe Bavarian Wheat, which no one seems to sell. So I drink LandShark. And I drink LandShark because I like it! I don’t drink it because it’s what’s in, or because I have to keep up with the Jones’ or because I’m trying to get into someone else’s click; which is usually what motivate most people to drink anything!
    So like the man said! IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T DRINK IT!!! AND DON’T KNOCK IT JUST BECAUSE (YOU) DON’T LIKE IT! To each his own is what I say. Besides, Anhauser-Busch doesn’t own it anymore. INBEV DOES!

  57. I have never liked the taste of beer. My husband drinks it every now and then. He will usually ask me if I would like a sip anytime he has a beer. Reluctently, I tried Landshark and was quite surprise that I liked it and took additional ‘sips’! My husband was shocked that I actually liked the light, clean taste. It has turned me into a fan…

  58. I could not agree with Beersnob more. I was disappointed with the lack of flavor in Landshark. I would never thought I would say this, but Budlight Lime is very addicting. This is a much better beer than Landshark for the really hot days of summer when you simply want a lighter beer. I am one of the last guys that would put fruit in beer, but I find myself buying budlight lime alot. Kind of like a gin and tonic feel.

  59. well i dont agree with your review. but everyone has their own taste and im glad you gave it an honest review. i think landshark is one of the best tasting beers i have ever had. but i guess it really is a hot weather thing. and i live in south texas so i tend to prefer lagers like corona. but if i had to really choose nothing tops a dos xx with lime and salt around the rim.

  60. dude if you dont like this beer you are a huge fudge packer

  61. Well, Brian, I can tell by your comment you are not only a connossieur of fine ales and lagers, but a scholar and a gentleman as well. Well done

  62. I first tried Landshark in Daytona beach. I have since drink it from Ohio to Seattle, and all stops in between. Cheers Jimmy! Sorry corona. If someones idea of “good beer” is dark, ipa or heffe Give me a Landshark I’ll consume the “bad beer.”

  63. This Landshark beer is just plain nasty. I grabbed one out of the cooler at a party and figured ‘what hey, couldn’t be any worse than your standard american piss beers’- boy was I wrong. It tastes like someone poured a beer into the toilet and then scooped it out and served it again. Vile stuff I wouldn’t pour into my dog’s water bowl- and I hate that mutt…Then again what would one expect from a beer aimed at grown men who drive around w/shark fins on their cars- your toads, not sharks, and you deserve this beer.

  64. well, rug city, I agree with your opinion of Landshark but have to take issue with your negative opinion of Parrotheads

    being a Parrothead is all about fun….not worrying about how you look while doing it 🙂

  65. Excellent, with a slice of lime (of course)
    Yes – it does get hot, even in Minnesota, in the Summer. Excellent!

  66. I had a friend tell me that as soon as I tried a Landshark that I wouldnt go back to my old choice again, he was right. I dont like the heavyness of a lager or dark beer, but I find Landshark to be “just right” its a nice in between. I still have alot to try but for now, Landshark is my lager of choice.

  67. just recently got the chance to try landshark lager, and yea buddy!! i really enjoyed it…it’s better than corona and i like corona. well thought i would try it with a slice of lime or lemmon but did’nt have any..just some oranges laying in the frige so i thought what the hay..i’ll try this and you would not believe what pleasure that it brings to the taste-buds…thanks Jimmy…and hey i love your music too

  68. im parret head from ny this beer blows all out of water! and summer liveing on a sail boat for weeks or at beach for days oh so refreashing after hrs of surfing thats all i look for.With the tunes from jimmy buffet.

  69. I really like this beer for it’s sweet hoppy flavor. Reminds me of Red Stripe from Jamaica which is even tastes sweeter to me. Anheuser-Busch (Now InBev) is the king of beers and sells more beer than any other american brewery for a reason. Consistency and quality like a McDonald’s Hamburger. Born on dates are important and they post it up front. Many beers don’t last or taste great after 120 days +/-
    (4 months) on the shelf. Look it up. Does your Favorite beer let you know this???? Probably Not!!

  70. The beer is decent, the price of this beer no matter where it is sold is totally ridiculous.

  71. Do some of you people know what “hoppy” is? I have seen two or three comments mentioning that it’s a hoppy beer. Time for some of you to do some homework. Only an experienced beer taster would detect what very little amount hops there are. If this was a truly hoppy beer, you all would be complaining that it has an aftertaste or was too bitter. Hops add BITTERNESS to beer.

  72. I firmly believe that whether its in Alaska or sunny florida any american brewed beer is better than a foreign brewed.

    • If the goal is to buy American…yes….otherwise, not necessarily, in my opinion. There are definitely some excellent beers brewed in the US but an insane number of excellent beers brewed around the world.


  74. What does this comment from blair….or kathleen….mean?

  75. this is a great beer.

    • drunkguy: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that 😀

  76. I brew beer for a hobby. I’ve drank beer from all around the world, and cloned just as many as I’ve drank. To be honest, I’m tired of over hopped, and insane abv beers. Sometimes you just want a refreshing beer that you can drink six to twelve of and still function. This is the beer for me, though I also love dogfish head beer and guinness, I drink this beer when I want to relax and socialize. Good job Jimmy.

  77. I brew beer. I have tried over 2000 beers from around the world. To be honest, I am tired of under hopped, watery, adjunct-laden industrial beers being touted as quality beer. I see no purpose in drinking 6 to 12 beers unless you just want to get drunk. Still function? Get behind the wheel of a car and tell that to the cop when he pulls you over. I prefer to drink a craft brewed beer or two and enjoy the flavors and complexity- whether it’s high gravity or a session brew.

  78. Well, I don’t drink and drive, I drink at home. Not saying that I don’t like hoppy beers, I just don’t find them refreshing. I also find alot of these craft beers too complex to enjoy more than one to two in a sitting. I like to play as hard as I work and this beer is light and refreshing to me. Enjoy what you will, we all have our own taste. I’ve been down the road of drinking the next hoppiest beer, or a clone of a long gone style of beer. I find that going back to simplicity is the most enjoyable for me.

  79. I agree with the beer snob having had a LS in his own vegas spot recently I swithed to margs righ away!!!!!
    I guess it had a couple of stikes against it to start Lager in a clear bottle stored in frig with flourecenet lights!! When will bars and restaurants learn that the old style low boy coolers with solid tops are best to store beer so what if the idiots at the bar can’t see every brand they carry. Thje bartender should be able to name them all

  80. I absolutely LOVE landshark. I think It’s a platinum version of corona. Say what you will, but I can down a six pack of this easier than any other beer.

    • Well, roman, if you like it, by all means drink it and enjoy! I don’t usually buy beer because it’s easy to down a six pack of it anymore, but for the flavors. But I used to go for high ABV and low PP6 (price per six) myself 😀

  81. I finally got around to buying the one and only bottle of this poor excuse for beer. Jimmy Buffet should hang his head in shame over this crap. The first thing that hits you is the AB crappy smell (rather industrial)followed by the AB universal awful taste…they are all the same just color and some added flavoring make the brand differentiations. I guess they had a overflow situation on Bud Light or Buffet just needed another product to put his name on. In a word this beer is for people who don’t know a thing about well crafted beer and just love “commodity beer”. If I am going to drink anything from the Caribbean it will as always be a Red Strip.

    • redstrip is not the greatest beer in the south sea its a good beer but not the best.
      landshark is ok but the price sucks 7 smacks 6 bottles maybe jimmy needs to make a 7 pack for 7 smacks.
      I live here in good old south jersey and we are getting raped at the l.s.

  82. I do know a thing or two about good beer. I’m working on a 22oz of Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale right now, but I completely enjoy Land Shark. Taste is a preference and to each is individual. Since you like Red Stripe, let’s just agree on one thing… Hoooray Beeer!

  83. Love your Beer Jimmy!! Got any coupons?? It’s good coold!! Jimmy, the back of my head is in your By the BAY Concert !!! Got any Coupons for Land Shark!!
    I’m on unemployment, need coupons!!
    Anyway, Love your Lager,…. GO FINS!!

  84. I think the beer tastes great. I’ve been to Germany, Brit, Scot, and so forth. Been there, drank that. This is a good beer for hot climates. Try and enjoy a warsteiner or a guinness off the florida coast in july – You will be begging for this “AB crap” Maybe its just this red white and blue blood in my veins, but I just love a good American beer.

  85. I and my friends liked the Land Shark, inspite of the Bud connection.

  86. I am a Texan living in Nashville. My folks were beer drinkers as I was growing up in Texas but I never acquired a taste for it. A couple weeks ago I tried a Lankshark Lager and loved the taste! Its lite and refreshing without the bitter taste of beer. My question is…..how many calories are in a beer? I bought a 12pack carton and the caloric listing isnt anywhere on the carton…
    Would like to know….I’m trying to lose some weight and have to keep track of my intake. Thanks

  87. Before any of you knock this beer, think about where you live. Try this beer out in august in Tucson, Az and you will love it. Up north you can enjoy a heavier beer and not puke for it, but down here it needs to be light and refreshing.

    • Actually Killjoy, I had this beer at the beach in Florida….it didn’t help 🙂

  88. beersnob sucks landsharks!!!

  89. Thanks guys…it tastes better than some of the canadian beers i get up here in buffalo …. you really have a good tasting beer.. and please don’t changer anything… Kerry the beer drinking dude from buffalo… 58m years of hops..

  90. […] The beer was very light, reminded me of a nicer version of a Bud (which it IS!  come to find out, our “friends” at AB brew this shit.  Thanks!). To be honest, my friend was buying and I will have to find out tomorrow what I drank. […]

  91. Interesting how adamant beer critics can be. I tried this beer because it actually looked lighter and I was looking for something to replace a worn-out Corona appetite. My tastes run the gamut from Guiness to Dogfish to Landshark Lager. It’s much the same as appreciating a good grilled burger or a filet mignon or a pinot grigio versus merlot. It all depends on your pallet at the time. I have been entertained immensely by the postings but just one comment…Enjoy the beer and drink it responsibly regardless of which one you like.

    • Apppreciate your comment….it definitely depends on your palate, like anything else. I know there are beers I like that other beer snobs/critics wouldn’t even think about drinking. I agree too, enjoy the beer and drink it responsibly. Thanks!

  92. You are right, some people have diffrent outlooks on the subject but i do agree.

  93. your assessment of this beer was right on the money. i just wish i had read your review before i invested in a 12 pack. oh well at least i found your website.

  94. A classic beer for those who don’t like most beer. I was expecting a bit more out of it but for what it is it’s not bad. Better then coors or miller and around the same price so I’d prefer this over those but I probably won’t be investing in it again.

  95. Well, Im a Beer drinker for sure. I love to try all kinds of differant Beers, from Darks, Ambers, Pale’s and Island Styles. I usaly drink according to how I feel (Mood Wise) and the weather. Today its 103 out and have decided to try this LandShark for the first time. I find this Beer to almost tast the same as Miller Genuine Draft, with all the same tasts an after. I find that a Corona is much more Milder in tast when comparing this Beer to Spring Water, although it is kinda like a Spritzer LOL! This Beer would be Best Enjoyed after a hards day work outside in the Heat!, like Bailing Hay, working in the fields an such. It has NO HEAD an kinda tast Flat, but it goes down real Smooth when your thirsty!

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