Beer Review: Flying Dog’s Wild Dog Barrel-Aged Horndog Barleywine

December 1, 2007

horndogbarrelaged.jpgFlying Dog seems to be a forward thinking brewery, as they send sample to reviewers such as myself, in order to generate publicity for their products. This time, instead of sending us one bottle, they sent three different beers for us to try. This is the first of three I’ll be trying. This is a whiskey barrel-aged version of their Horn Dog Barleywine.

The Pour
This poured out of the bottle very thick looking. It pours to a dark brown, and is somewhat cloudy. I’ve only had one barleywine before this, so I tried pouring it like I do any other beer (the first half with the glass at a 45 degree angle, the other half vigorously poured to generate a nice head), but there was no head. Looking at it against the light, you can see cloudiness around the edges where a little light actually penetrates.

The Nose
The nose has definite coffee and chocolate notes, though I could be mistaking the oak and whiskey from the barrels for coffee and chocolate. The nose is very nice and rich. I feel warmed just smelling this brew.

The Taste
This, as the pour shows, is a very full bodied brew. The alcohol warmth in the beer is noticed immediately, and looking past it one finds some chocolate notes and a definite resemblance to whiskey. The warmth from the alcohol is interesting, as it’s subtle to start, but as the beer warms the warmth first becomes more consistent throughout, then moves to the back of the throat at the finish. This beer is very thick and chewy as well. As the beer warms, you also get hints of tart fruit, most likely sour cherry.

First, let me say that high alcohol beers and barleywines are not my thing. But this is an interesting beer and a nice change. If you like high alcohol beer and/or barleywine, or just want to broaden your horizons, give this a try. It might be hard to find since you can only buy it at the brewery, as they only bottled something like 725 bottles. And it’s $8 a 12-oz bottle.

Recommended: If you like barley wine or high alcohol beer….or even whiskey…sure

Price: $8.00 for a 12-oz bottle

ABV: 10%



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  2. Hey Scott,
    Thanks for the review! Hope you enjoy the others that you have yet to try! Cheers, Stephanie

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