Try Flying Dog!

May 13, 2008

As you know, Flying Dog sends me beers to try every now and then. Lately I’ve been really bad at getting reviews of those posted because I’ve been in school as well as working, and taking thermodynamics and dynamics at that as I study to be an engineer. Well, I was recently sent their Garde Dog: Biere de Garde. It’s a spring French classic with an American twist. Unfortunately, I lost my tasting notes, so I can’t post a review. They did, however, just send me their Kerberos Tripel, which I reviewed tonight and will be posting tomorrow. Come back tomorrow for that. In the meantime, make your next beer purchase Flying Dog. They’ve been doing great things lately. And visit their Web site!

Incidentally, ever since reviewing Land Shark Lager, I’ve had a lot of people disagree with my opinion of the brew, which is fine and understandable. But some folks have wanted to know what I would recommend instead. I hope to put together a list soon and post them here. So stay tuned!

Oh, and one more thing about Land Shark Lager….if you like it, by all means drink it! Drink what you like. I know there are beers I like that others don’t, but as long as I’m enjoying them that’s all that matters


The Beer Snob


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