Beer Review: Sam Adams Longshot – Weizenbock

June 10, 2008

Sam Adams has had a home brewing contest the last couple of years, and at least one random person’s brew and one Sam Adams employee’s brew get bottled for sale. This is one of the 2007 winners, developed by a Rodney Kibzey of Illinois. According to the German Beer Institute:

Comparable to the barley-based regular Bockbier, a Weizenbock is the strong version of an unfiltered Weissbier or Hefeweizen. It is usually made with 60 to 70% wheat malt (German law requires that a Weizenbier, regardless of strength, be made from at least 50% wheat). The other 30 to 40% tend to be so-called Pils, Vienna or Munich malts. These are pale to amber, and sometimes slightly caramelized barley malts that give the beer a full-bodied mouthfeel, a rich and satisfying malty finish, and—depending on the barley malt’s color—a more or less opaque appearance. While regular Bockbiers are lagers, Weizenbocks are all ales. They are fermented with a special yeast that gives the brew a slightly spicy, clove-like flavor.

Now onto the tasting…

The Pour
What a pour! This pours into a glass and carries along with it expectations of greatness. It pours a cloudy, chocolatey brown with a big thick fluffy beige head with good lacing on the glass. The beer almost completely opaque. It really looks full-bodied, almost thick and meaty.

The Nose
This has, as the style should, a dark fruity nose, but with hints of coffee and chocolate. I also notice some spice and hops in the background. Smells as full-bodied as it looks and smells very complex.

The Taste
The pour and appearance and nose were all correct. This is one full-bodied brew. It’s meaty but smooth and tastes just like it smells. Dark malty fruit takes center stage, with coffee and chocolate notes as the supporting cast. It has a medium level of carbonation. The dark malty fruit and the spicy hops profiles come stand alone at first but meld together and give you hints of a good woody whiskey in the finish.

Mr. Rodney Kibzey of Illinois, I salute you! I wasn’t sure what to expect but this is one excellent brew. It’s solid and meaty and really has a great depth of flavor. From the dark fruits and sweet malts to the spicy hops to the whiskey finish, it’s definitely a pleasure to experience. It really makes me want to homebrew in hopes of creating something half this good.

Recommended: Without a doubt! This is one fine brew that tastes much more expensive than a Sam Adams product.

Price: I paid $8 for a 6-pack of this and the Grape Pale Ale (the other winner) at a charity auction.

ABV: 7.2%



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  2. Dear Rodney Kibzey, Weizenbock brewer,

    Holy Cow!

    Your beer is amazing. It has the authentic bouquet and tangy, deep taste of real hoppy German beers, reminiscent of Munchen Optimator, but the clove ads a harmonic taste complexity that takes minutes per sip to enjoy, ponder and appreciate.

    You have a gift, and I thank you for sharing it with me.

  3. Thanks for the Great review and Comments. I’m glad you really like my brew, and the great job Sam Adams did making it. I’m just happy to hear people enjoy the beer for the way it is.

    Rodney Kibzey

  4. Well thanks for the great beer! It’s an honor to have you comment on my blog

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