Beer Review: Flying Dog Garde Dog Biere De Garde

June 30, 2008

Flying Dog sent me this brew a while ago. I tried it but lost my tasting notes. Well, tonight I decided to get some beer to do a new review and saw this beer. Thought I’d finally review this for my blog. So here goes…

The Pour
This poured with a two-finger head that dissipated quickly with a decent amount of lacing. It pours, in a pilsner glass, to a burnt yellow-orange color. It’s quite clear and looks to be a crisp brew.

The Nose
The first thing you notice is the nice citrusy hops. Since it’s summer, the hops are quite appealing. Then some toasty malty notes come through, with hints of caramel sweetness. Kind of like a nice toasty biscuit but with caramel on the side.

The Taste
This is a medium bodied brew with light to medium carbonation. The first thing you notice is the citrusy grassy hops, but this fades and the malty sweetness takes over at the back of the tongue. The finish coats the mouth with nice caramel and citrus flavors.

I think this is a good transition beer. It is best in the spring, where it transitions you from the malty stouts and porters of fall and winter to the hoppy IPAs and pale ales of summer.

Recommended: Sure….this is a good beer to prepare for the mouth-puckering summer brews.

Price: $8.49 a six-pack

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 27


One comment

  1. The labels are very funny, I have got some in my collection .. but I never taste this beer

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