Cigar City Brewing — new brewery and blog

July 31, 2008

Hello fellow beer snobs. I recently received an email from Joseph Redner over at Cigar City Brewing in Florida. They’re opening a small batch brewery in Tampa and have a blog to document the process. Here’s what the man had to say:

I’m opening a small batch brewery in Tampa, FL and when I started I decided that I’d blog the entire process from start up on into production. We are currently about 3 months from opening and I think the blog is interesting both for people who are into craft beer and for people who have ever dreamed of opening a brewery. We have documented a lot of the major steps along the way which we think would be of interest to both craft beer fans and brewers.

Pretty interesting stuff….why not pay their blog a visit!



  1. Joey used to be an active member of ratebeer.com, and his passion for craft beer lead him to start up Cigar City. I am going to San Diego this weekend for ratebeer summer gathering, and rumor has it that Joey is sending some beers up there for us to sample. I can’t wait. I am hearing good things, especially about the imperial stout.

  2. I just returned from San Diego. I tried their Wee Heavy (my favorite), Imperial Stout, and Pilsener. All the beers were excellent.

    Beer aficionados- keep your eyes on this brewery.

  3. I’m glad you liked them, man. The wee heavy is more properly a smoked. It has a LOT of smoked malt character to it. It’s based on a wee heavy to be sure, but it goes way beyond what is typical for the style in the smoked malt department. That is why we named it Der Rauch Gott (The Smoked God)

    We’ll also be doing a wee heavy down the road. It will be called Big Sound Scotch Ale and is dedicated to the men and women of Tampa Pipes and Drums, my bagpiping buddies.

  4. I thought the Der Rauch Gott was a Rauchbier, but someone at the tasting told me it was a Wee Heavy. Either way, it was darn good.

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