Coming Soon: Schlafly Coffee Stout and New Belgium’s Mighty Arrow Pale Ale

February 28, 2009

It’s almost time for midterms at school and I have a full load, so I’ve been unable to do many tastings lately. But I did just purchase New Belgium’s Might Arrow Pale Ale, one of their seasonal beers, and Schlafly’s Coffee Stout, so I’ll get some tasting notes together soon and post those reviews.

Whenever I can find some time, as well, I would like to make some changes to this blog. First, I’d like to have beers I’ve reviewed listed by brewer as well as by type of beer. Second, I’ve not been happy with my format for a long time now, or at least the last part of it. I always say whether I would recommend a beer or not, but that is too much of a yes or no answer, and doesn’t make it easy for me to express what I think. I’d like to come up with some sort of number based rating system. I’ve been throwing ideas around in my head, including having a rating system based on a couple of different criteria, that are then averaged together or simply giving a number on a scale of 1 to 10 telling how much I liked or disliked a beer.

I don’t know what I’ll do yet on the ratings. If you have any ideas, let me know! Look for a review of one of the above beers soon!

The Beer Snob



  1. I don’t think your format is bad at all. If you want to do a rating system, I would recommend something similar to Ratebeer.com. They break it down as follows

    Overall Impression

    You could also steal some ideas from BJCP, but throw in a variable that allows you to factor in your overall personal impression. Good luck. I was contemplating a system as well, but decided against it. Most of my reviews (Beer Of the Month) are beers that I enjoy, so a rating would be pointless. Now when and if anyone sends me beers to review, then perhaps I may implement something

    • Thanks Smitty….the more I think about it, the more I think a complex rating system would take the fun out of this, and I’m doing it for fun…the impetus behind me considering a ratings system was the Newcastle Brown Ale review I did….I felt like I didn’t want to necessarily recommend it to anyone, but didn’t want to say avoid it at all costs. Maybe I can just use the Overall heading and leave it at that. As for the Newcastle brown ale, it’s not the beer it used to be

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