More beer reviews coming as the semester ends

May 2, 2009

Well, my semester is almost over. I am finishing up design projects today and tomorrow and studying for my last final exam of the semester, which will be a Circuits exam on Wednesday. Fortunately my Mechanics of Materials professor gave us a quiz the other day and said if we scored an A on that quiz, we would get an A for the class.

I managed to ace it. So even though I scored a 55% on my last test and maybe in the high 60s on the previous test, looks like I’ll be scoring an A there. The quiz was comprehensive, which explains his willingness to let us be exempt from the final if we got an A.

Yes, I’m one semester closer to a civil engineering degree. I may be able to finish this up in three more semesters, but we’ll see. At most it will be four more semesters….it seems like such a long time. 

Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll be able to use some of this break from school (at least until Summer semester) to review more beers. And of course at the end of May, Mrs. Beer Snob and I will be traveling to France, so I’ll be sure to try to get some tastings done there to post when we return.

As always, thanks for visiting and come back again soon!


The Beer Snob


One comment

  1. Great news! Looking forward to more reviews!

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