Beer Review: Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier

July 18, 2009

blackberryIt’s been way too long since I’ve had a beer review on here. Apologies for the delay. I have no excuse! (True, I’m studying fluid mechanics this summer, but what better fluid to study than beer!) I went to Kroger to find a decent beer to review and decided to review a beer I’ve been wanting to try a while, despite my general mistrust of fruity beers: Samuel Adams’ Blackberry Witbier.

Here’s a clip of what they say on their Web site about the beer:

By bringing the blackberries, orange and coriander together with an appealing malt character and a spiciness from the hops, we’ve brewed a flavorful beer with a smooth finish that’s both sweet and tart.

But more importantly (ha ha), here’s what I say…

The Pour
This pours to a 1-2 finger thick, off white head consisting of tight tiny bubbles. The beer itself is a nice orangey, copper color and is somewhat hazy. The head dissipates cleanly, leaving no lacing on the glass, and there is little to no carbonation visible in the glass.

The Nose
Blackberry blackberry blackberry. The first nose consists of no other aromas. It is a wonderful blackberry scent though. Additional forays into the bouquet, however, bring forward the spices, such as coriander, used in the brewing and some citrus notes. There is a slight sourness in the background as well, which will probably be picked up in the taste as the slight bitterness of the hops.

The Taste
The blackberry is more muted in the taste than the nose, but it’s definitely present. Typical witbier notes are also picked up, as are notes of citrus and spice. There are slight yeasty notes in there as well as slightly bitter hops.  This is a medium bodied brew (though it’s on the heavier side of medium) and has a crisp mouthfeel. The finish is slightly sweet and there is a good amount of carbonation, but the last note of the finish brings blackberry to the forefront again, where it lingers for quite some time afterwards.

Overall, I like this beer. There is one thing keeping me from loving this beer, and it’s the fact that I would like it to be more noticeable as a witbier. It comes across more like a lager to me. The blackberry part they got exactly right. On the nose it is very prominent and smells terrific and juicy. In the mouth, it is more muted but still there, and lets the other flavors share the stage. I just wish they had spent more time on the witbier aspect as well.

Recommended: It’s not bad….I wouldn’t think this would be something to drink frequently, but if you’ve been eyeing it at the store, give it a shot. It’s pretty tasty and not something you’ll regret trying.

Price: $7.99/6-pack

ABV: 5.5%



  1. it seems everyone is putting out some novel variation on the witbier now. too bad we don’t get much sam adams up here in canada, but if you ever get the chance may i recommend this local toronto brew –>



    • Thanks for the suggestion, Anthony….if I ever make it that far north I’ll give it a try!

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