Beer Review: Yazoo Hefeweizen

August 11, 2009

You know, when I attended the Craft Beers and Craft Foods event at the Southern Food & Wine Festival, I mentioned to Yazoo owner Linus Hall that I had reviewed Yazoo’s Hefeweizen on my blog. It was only later that I realized I must have lost my tasting notes along the way and had never actually posted a review. So I promptly picked up a couple singles of the brew at Midtown Wine and Spirits in downtown Nashville and worked on rectifying the situation.

The Pour
This pours in a pint glass to a deep, golden straw color with a brilliantly white 1-finger head, consisting of very small, loosely packed bubbles. The head dissipates pretty quickly, leaving pretty slight lacing, if any. The beer is quite hazy from being unfiltered. Be sure to swirl the last fourth of the beer around in the bottle and quickly pour it into your glass to get all the yeasty goodness!

The Nose
This has a good wheaty presence but with great banana in the nose as well. There is a bit of spiciness to it as well. The yeast adds a good quality to the nose, kind of a good doughy, bready note.

The Taste
This is a great Hefeweizen. Medium bodied, it’s yeasty, wheaty and thick feeling, but with enough carbonation to crisp it up and make it finish clean.  The active carbonation also helps the beer finish fairly clean. The wheat is of course the star, and it is quite tasty. Sometimes you can really pick up the yeast in the back of the throat, which is good. It’s great to taste the ingredients that way, as if by drinking the beer you are deconstructing it on your palate. As the beer warms, the banana flavor comes out more, and the spice hints noticed in the nose come out as cloves.

I’ve still not had a large number of wheat beers, but of the ones I’ve had so far, this is probably one of my favorites. Crisper than some wheat beers, it is very interesting the way the flavors of banana and wheat share the spotlight, while spice notes and good yeasty flavors appear around the edges from time to time. Overall, this is a good solid Hefeweizen, but with flavor profiles and body that make it more interesting and enjoyable. Incidentally, German tourists visiting the brewery made very favorable comparisons between this beer and good German Hefeweizens.

Recommended: Yes, it’s a very well crafted Hefeweizen that’s not just a wheat beer. Plus you just can’t go wrong with Yazoo

Price: $1.59 / 12 oz bottle (bought singly)

ABV: 5.0%



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  3. I have to say that I am a fan of hefeweizens and this beer is pretty darn good. Wish my local NJ beer store would carry it, I would buy it on a regular basis.

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