The Beer Snob heads to Panama City Beach, and Chan’s Wine World, in October

September 8, 2009

Good evening beer fans. I’ve been unable to enjoy much beer lately, but I hope to remedy that soon! I’ll be heading back to Panama City Beach in October and will be making my way back to Chan’s Wine World, one of my favorite places to buy beer anywhere!

I first mentioned them last year, and they are where I first purchased any of Dogfish Head’s amazing beers.

I do have a review on tap, Rogue’s Captain Sig’s Northwestern Ale. I love “Deadliest Catch“, and the Northwestern is my favorite crab boat on the show, so when I saw this I had to buy it. I was not disappointed.

While I’m giving you links to check out, mosey over to Buckbean Brewing’s new blog, Buckbean Brewing Company’s News and Notes. They have me featured on their blog in the blogroll and a feed from my blog!

Here’s another new blog I’ve added recently to my blogroll: Hops and Hickory. Joe is checking out not just beer, but bbq as well. In his own words:

My mission… to share reviews of beers, brew pubs and barbecue restaurants that you might otherwise not try on your own.

Go check out his blog!

Until next time….hopefully soon with the Rogue review…

The Beer Snob



  1. FYI – Greg from Waterstone Resorts…. I think I can take credit for pointing you toward wine world as a good spot to pick up nice brews in PCB. Just an FYI that they have moved to a new location in PCB. It is now in the new Publix shopping center. Stuff I’ve enjoyed lately – Serra Nevada Torpedo. Found a great bock in Philadelphia recently from a North Carolina brewery called Duck Rabbit, but not available in Florida. And of course my favorite brew Tommyknocker Butthead Bock from Colorado. Wine World special orders it for me from a distributor near Tampa called Micro Man. Let me know if you need a deal on lodging… we’ve got stuff all up and down front beach road on the gulf.

  2. You definitely get all the credit for pointing me towards Wine World and I am eternally grateful! Thanks for the FYI on their new location. I’ll bring my GPS just in case!

    We thought about going back to Splash this year…our daughters will love it. Do you just manage entire buildings or do you manage for individual unit owners as well? Post some links to properties you manage and I’ll make sure they get through the spam filter so I can check them out and others can too.

    Thanks again, Greg

    Scott – The Beer Snob

  3. Scott,

    I just took over the beer manager position at Chan’s Wine World in Destin and I can tell you we are making great strides at picking up some new product and making Chan’s even better. The guys over at the PCB store are doing a great job and have some new stuff in stock you should check out! If you get a chance to hit the Destin store I’d love to talk beer with you!


    The Beer Buddha

  4. Hey Jeremy….I may have to try to make it out to the Destin store and give you a shout!

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