Review: The Hangover Cure

January 17, 2010

THC - The Hangover CureToday’s review is not for a beer, but a product designed to help when you’ve enjoyed too many beers “for reviewing purposes”: ( :D)   The Hangover Cure

When someone sends me a product to review (usually beer), I like to review it as quickly as possible and get the review posted so they don’t have to wait around for it.

Unfortunately, this was not the case with THC – The Hangover Cure.  I was sent two samples back in June, 2009.  Now initially, I wanted to do a more scientific reviewing process with this product.  I wanted to have three separate nights of drinking, one followed by nothing before bed, one followed with a glass of water before bed, and one followed by The Hangover Cure before bed.  This way I would have a control (nothing taken after drinking), the experiment (the THC after drinking) and a glass of water after drinking, in order to separate the THC effects from the effects of water.

Instead, what happened was that I drank more beer than I intended one night, and took The Hangover Cure before heading to bed.  (I probably had work or school, or both, the next morning.)  Sure enough, I felt pretty good the next morning.  Now, I didn’t have an extreme amount to drink that night, but this held promise.

Then, much more recently, I had a good bit (for me, anyway) to drink and decided to try it again.  We had friends over for dinner and, for your reference, I had two Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ales (7.2% ABV), a full glass of 11% ABV merlot, a third of a bottle of 14% ABV Samichlaus, and a good swig of white wine just for good measure.

Before I went to bed for the evening, I mixed The Hangover Cure with a large glass of water and drank it down.  It’s really not nearly as bad-tasting as you would expect something like this to be.  It was tropical flavored, but to me it tasted more like strawberry, with other flavors backing it up.  Overall, very easy to drink.

So what about the next day?  Well, I’d love to be able to compare the results to just drinking water, or nothing at all, but I can say I believe I felt far better than I would have otherwise.  I only had the slightest hint of ill effects from the alcohol, and they lasted hardly any time at all!

So I can’t say with any scientific certainty (I’m studying engineering….I like scientific certainty) that it cured my hangover, but for my money, I believe it did me a great deal of good the morning after!

Recommended: Sure…give it a shot! It seemed to help The Beer Snob!

You can purchase it at http://www.drinkthc.com. Do me a favor, if you order it, tell them The Beer Snob sent you. And as they say on their site…

THC was not meant to be taken after two ultra-light beers at a Jonas Brothers concert before calling it a night at 9:30. And don’t take THC if your idea of a good time on a Friday night is re-watching The Notebook over a glass of white wine and “reflecting” on your life by candle light.

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  1. sorry meant to add my comment here! Like i said i heard a bunch of other blogs raving about it so i’m gonna try out THC. Thanks for the info!

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