Beer Review: Adelscott Biere Aromatisee Au Malt A Whisky

January 18, 2010

This, it turns out, is my 100th post. I decided to post a review from tasting notes I took on my trip to France last year. As best I can tell, Adelscott Bière Aromatisèe Au Malt À Whisky is a beer aged in whisky barrels, though I can’t be sure of that at all.

I bought the beers I tried in France with absolutely no frame of reference at all, so I had no idea if I was buying something akin to our Budweiser or something of quality.  I tended to lean towards beers that said “brune” (brown) somewhere in the name, or this one, because it sounded like it was aged in whisky barrels. I’ve had very enjoyable experiences with beers aged in whiskey or bourbon barrels, so I gave it a shot.

The Pour
This poured to a two and a half finger thick head that was quite white in color and dissipated quickly. It did, though, leave great lacing on the glass. The beer itself was a gorgeous coppery caramel color.

The Nose
There were definitely biscuity and caramel notes. Hints of malt and whiskey were also present, so it lives up to its name.  The whiskey hints seemed to be smoky and woody notes.  There were hints of fruit there as well, perhaps sour cherry.

The Taste
This beer was full of smoky and woody flavors, as the nose promised, but without being ridiculously smoky or like licking an oak armoire or anything!  🙂  It was medium bodied, and the smoky and woody flavors were prominent throughout, and lingered on the finish well past the last swallow.

Overall, it was a pretty decent beer, although honestly, my enjoyment of the beer could definitely have been influenced by the fact that I was drinking it in Paris, France.  There’s just something about Europe that makes everything taste, sound and smell better.  There was one thing the beer purist in me didn’t like. The can said it contained colorant. Don’t color the beer….ever.

Recommended: If you are ever anywhere where this is available, absolutely. You never know when you’ll see it again!

Price: €1.67/50cl (50 centiliters)
ABV: 5.8%


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