Beer Review: Guinness Draught

January 22, 2010

Guinness - blechI’ve been reviewing beers with this blog since January 2007 (3 years now….wow!) and oddly enough, I have never reviewed Guinness Draught.  That changes tonight.  Now, I first tried Guinness years ago, when I began experimenting with different beers.  I tried it, and….how can I put this delicately….I hated it!

Well, I hadn’t touched a Guinness since, until Mrs. Beer Snob decided to make beef and Guinness pie, and I had some leftover cans of Guinness Draught.  Naturally I thought it would be great to do a review of it.

The Pour
Upon pouring this into a pint glass, the first reaction is, “This is one beautiful beer!”  When you first pour it, it looks brown in the glass as it comes alive in the glass and releases bubbles into a gorgeous very light beige (almost white, really) thick pillowy head.  When the beer settles down, the beer itself is almost completely black in the glass with the most beautiful head you can find in a beer. The contrast in the beer and the head is striking!

The Nose
This smells lightly of roasted malts, but without any hint of sweetness.  It is an Irish stout, after all, which is a drier stout than some other sweet stouts.  It smells somewhat clean, and there are definite hints of coffee beans.

The Taste
This has a very clean, smooth and refreshing mouthfeel and is lighter bodied than you would guess from the pour alone.  There is a very slight roasted flavor profile and it is somewhat dry on the finish.  Sounds good so far, but despite the previous descriptions, the flavor leaves me literally with a sour look on my face (something akin to the old bitter beer face).  It tasted metallic and just unpleasant to me.  I had to  follow it with a bowl of Lucky Charms to get the taste out of my mouth.

I hate Guinness. It can’t be more clear than that. It tasted metallic and just bad, and was not a pleasant beer.  If you like the flavor, for some weird reason, it is very drinkable. To me, it tastes like some sort of chemical, and Guinness’ success can be directly attributable to a job well done by their marketing folks. All hype and not much else.

Recommended: Not to my worst enemy.

Price: $7.99/4 14.9 oz cans

ABV: 4.2% (+/- 1%?)



  1. now I know what to get you for your birthday

    • Not Guinness I hope….or is it Guinness with a Lucky Charms chaser? 😀

  2. Have you tried Guinness Extra Stout or Foreign Export Stout? Those aren’t so bad. But yeah … Draught outta the can is terrible.

    • I haven’t tried those…I’ve never even had Guinness on tap…but so far I think they only sell beer because of good marketing

  3. Haha, they definitely do have good marketing! That’s true for a lot of bad beer I guess … but I think Guinness, at its best, is a decent stout. Definitely not my favorite, but not undrinkable. If you get a chance, try one of those I mentioned (or on tap) because the Draught bottles/cans are definitely not Guinness at its best. I totally agree with your review about that!

    • I’ll give them a shot! Who knows, I may like them

  4. That’s the spirit! I’m looking forward to doing the same for many of the beers I’ve been reading about on your blog.

  5. Wow, your review is really spot on. I have had several good stouts with most being just OK in my book. Yet only the two I found to be horrid are on the tip of my tongue; Guinness and Old Rasputin


  6. I dunno, I love Guiness, are you sure you just don’t like dark beer? I also like the Stout version, try it, it’s darker but somehow it’s sweeter.

    • Oh, I am definitely a dark beer guy. I wish it were winter all the time so I could drink stouts and porters all year long in front of a roaring fire…though I do like nut browns and some paler beers as well

  7. Guinness from a can was not meant to be. They need a preserving system like the coors light lined cans (as much as I hate to admit coors/miller came up with something useful). Guinness from the tap, however, falls within your first part of the taste description. Other than traditionally great marketing (love the older signs and slogans) the beauty and balance is what makes it a loved beer. I typically order a Guinness if nothing special is on tap at a bar because I know I’m getting a pretty good beer at a pretty good price. Its far from a favorite, but certainly respectable.

    • I’ve tried it in a bottle too, but just didn’t like it then, either….maybe I’ll be lucky enough to try it in Ireland sometime

  8. You should try Guinness extra stout. It lacks the nitrogen of Guinness draught and is closer to the original Guinness and other stouts in general. I don’t like the draught either as the nitrogen makes it taste flat to me.

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