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Change has come to The Beer Snob

Good evening, fellow beer lovers.  When I started this blog in January 2007, it was meant to serve as a way to keep records of beers I’ve tried as well as beers I’ve  loved and beers I’ve hated.  3 years later, I’ve finally managed to acquire the domain name and have exported my blog to my own site.

If you visit it now, there is only the blog.  Soon, though, I hope to work out the details on what the new site will entail beyond the blog.  I’ve had a lot of various ideas for it, but I need to get them on paper and put together something that makes sense and that will be informative and fun to visit.

So please change your blogroll links, or bookmarks or any links you might have anywhere to point to I’ll be keeping this blog up here for at least the next few months, but will be updating over at the new site instead.

Thank you, and cheers!

The Beer Snob